“This book lays out why it is beneficial to be excellent in the  workplace, be pro-active about one's life, and handle any job or career  with grace and accomplishment.  I wish I had had this book when I began  working!  I use it with my students and refer to it myself for guidance  and a refresher! It grapples with complex issues with clarity, humor,  and good will.  It is a MUST in my personal library.” --Cheryl Anderson,  President, Western Division American Choral Director's Association,  Director of Choral Activities Cabrillo College 

 "Excellent,  comprehensive primer for anyone entering the job market. Jeanne Miller  Rodriguez distills the essence of what attitudes and attributes cause a  person succeed in any job environment and offers it in an easy-to-read  format. Chapters on topics such as values, teamwork and loyalty offer  sound, practical wisdom for thriving at work. Rodriguez writes from  decades of experience as an upper echelon executive in the California  State Government System, and uses colorful vignettes and anecdotes from  her own career to drive her points home. This book would be an excellent  high school or college graduation gift, but anyone who's ever held down  a job would benefit from its no-nonsense approach."  -- Dr. Sally Mounts


Ready, Set, Work is an incredibly useful, practical and funny book  for anyone entering the job force for the first time, and for anyone  training job seekers of any age.  This is the definitive handbook for  getting a job, and more importantly, for keeping a job. It deals with  all the problems and pitfalls of the workplace and gives practical, real  advice.  This book is a “must have” for anyone who wants to develop or  teach job skills.  --Dr. John D. Anderson, Chair, Creative Arts Division,  Monterey Peninsula College


This is a great book! I wish I had read it when I entered the work  force 30 plus years ago, I wish I had read it when I started supervising  people, and I wish everybody I ever supervised had read it!  It is  wonderfully clear and practical in describing how the work world  operates and how a new worker can successfully enter that world.    Reading "Ready, Set, Work!" is like finally putting on the right pair of  glasses; the world you vaguely knew was out there suddenly shifts into  focus and you can clearly see the shapes and forces that were affecting  your work life the whole time. Reading this book will reduce the number  of times you bang your shin on something hard that you couldn't quite  see or understand before!  I'm going to leave a few copies around the  break room in my office!  --Dinah Phillips, Principal Administrative  Analyst


"This practical and timeless book will be useful to you whether you  are entering the workforce, re-entering after an absence, or just trying  to make things work better for yourself at work. If you are looking for  a job, read it. If you want to make yourself irreplaceable, read it  today! The advice is straightforward, and Ms. Rodriguez helps you think  in realistic terms about how to make a living or a career. This should  be required reading for high school and college students, as well as  anyone who has ever lost a job for any reason. I learned a lot from  Ready, Set, Work, and I have been working for 30 years. Give it to  everyone you know. "  --Gail Groves, Program Manager, Employment  Services Program


"This is a great book. Everyone should read it when they start a new  job - every time they start a new job - and then again in six months to  get all the information they missed the first time." --Art Schuller, 68,  physician